2015   Feb  28th            Rodeo Grounds Coombs BC
2015   Feb  27th             Rainbow Room Port Alberni BC
2015  Feb  21st               The Avalanch Courtney BC
2015  Feb  20th             The Port Theater Nanaimo BC
2014  June 7th                In House Festival Vancouver, BC
2014 June  13th             Queens Nanaimo

2014    March 1st           The Anza Club, Vancouver BC
2014    March 15th        Beban Park, Nanaimo, BC
2014    March  21           Lola's Bar , Vancouver BC

Feb 8                    The Royal Canadian Legion, Vancouver, BC
2014    Feb 6                    The Bridge Lounge Courtney, BC
2014    Jan 29                  Venue 881 Granville St. Vancouver, BC

2013  Dec 5                    In House Festival Burnaby, BC
2013  Nov 23                 Club 9ONE9 Victoria, BC
2013  Nov 10                  Fortune Sound Club Vancouver, BC
2013  Feb 23                  The Savoy Pub Vancouver, BC


2015 April 17      Captains Pub Mission BC
2015 April 20     The Art Gallery, Vancouver  BC
2015 April 24th  The Rainbow Room Port Alberni
2015 April 25th  The Rainbow Room Port Alberni